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Our Team

Our award-winning team offers a hospitality-forward approach showcasing unparalleled culinary expertise, exceptional service, and an unwavering dedication to creating a memorable experience.
Headshot of Simon Kim

Simon Kim


Seoul-born restaurateur Simon Kim fulfilled his lifelong dream of opening a game-changing Korean restaurant with the arrival of COTE in Flatiron, NYC in June 2017. Under his leadership, COTE’s unprecedented marriage of Korean barbecue and classic American steakhouse elements has earned it numerous accolades, and the distinction of being not only New York City’s first Korean steakhouse but also the world’s only Michelin-starred Korean tabletop grill restaurant.

Executive Team

Headshot of Alex Munoz-Suarez

Alex Munoz-Suarez

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Amy Zhou

Amy Zhou

Executive Director of Operations

Headshot of David Shim

David Shim

Executive Director of COTE Culinary Operations

Headshot of Heather Carlson

Heather Carlson

VP of Financial Operations

Headshot of Jacqueline Hensel

Jacqueline Hensel

VP of Marketing & Communications

Headshot of Jinae Hong

Jinae Hong

Corporate Chef

Headshot of Kent Krekorian

Kent Krekorian

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Maria Owens

Maria Owens

Chief of Staff

Headshot of Mia Van De Water

Mia Van De Water

Director of Education

Headshot of Mikayla Walzog

Mikayla Walzog

Head of Global Events

Headshot of Olivia Weidner

Olivia Weidner

Head of Global Reservations

Headshot of SK Kim

SK Kim

Corporate Director of Culinary R&D

Headshot of Sondre Kasin

Sondre Kasin

Director of Bars

Headshot of Victoria James

Victoria James

Executive Director of Beverage

Headshot of Wesley Sohn

Wesley Sohn

Executive Director of Hospitality

The New York Team

Headshot of Dave Ebert

Dave Ebert


Headshot of David Shim

David Shim

Executive Chef

Headshot of Deegan McClung

Deegan McClung

Chef De Cuisine

Headshot of Hanna Kyle

Hanna Kyle

Wine Manager

Headshot of Luis Tlamani

Luis Tlamani

Sous Chef

Headshot of Victorino Estrada

Victorino Estrada

Sous Chef

The Miami Team

Headshot of Christina Carrera

Christina Carrera

Assistant General Manager

Headshot of David Shim

David Shim

Executive Chef

Headshot of Jeffrey Beauchamp

Jeffrey Beauchamp

Sous Chef

Headshot of Joey Fetter

Joey Fetter

Wine Manager

Headshot of Kyle Banks

Kyle Banks


Headshot of Moritz Esser

Moritz Esser

Chef De Cuisine

Headshot of Yusuf Hanlioglu

Yusuf Hanlioglu

General Manager

The Singapore Team

Headshot of David Shim
David Shim
Executive Chef
Headshot of Jinwon Seo
Jinwon Seo
Chef De Cuisine
Headshot of Paew Ford
Paew Ford
General Manager

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