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Cote Korean Steakhouse - Promise of quality
We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality ingredients and pairing them with classic, thoughtful techniques to bring you that perfect bite or sip.

We’ve Got Some Serious Beef

American Black Angus

“America’s Pride,” “The Steakhouse Classic”

Black Angus is the dominant beef breed in the US. It is known for producing large muscles with abundant marbling resulting in high quality meat. We dry age our Prime grade Black Angus beef in house to maximize its flavor by expelling water from the subprimals and, through enzymatic process, tenderizing the beef from within.

Weight: 3,500lbs - 4,200lbs

Source: Specialty from across the Midwest

We’ve Got Some Serious Beef

American Wagyu

“The Best of Both Worlds”

American Wagyu is a hybrid of popular domestic American breeds such as Black Angus and Longhorn and the famed Wagyu of Japan. At best we feel that this can offer the best of both worlds -- the bold, muscular meat of American cattle tempered by the rich yet delicate marbling of Japanese beef. We source our all natural American Wagyu from a single producer.

Weight: 1,500lbs

Source: Nebraska & Georgia

We’ve Got Some Serious Beef

Japanese Wagyu

“The Sublime,” “The Butter Steak”

Wagyu translates into “Japanese cattle” and beef produced there is the rarest and most expensive on earth. Through dilligent breeding and farming practices the Japanese have developed beef with the most abundant marbling of any breed. The resulting meat is astonishingly tender and toothsome, truly a luxury experience.

Weight: 1,100lbs-1,200lbs

Source: Kagoshima & Miyazaki prefecture
Bone-in ribeye cut

Bone-In Ribeye


AKA: Delmonico Steak

Info: The big, beefy icon. This cut is rich, tender, juicy and loaded with flavor, with generous marbling throughout.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Bone-in Ribeye illustration
COTE Galbi cut

COTE Galbi

꽃 양념 갈비

AKA: Delmonico Steak

Info: The big, beefy icon. This cut is rich, tender, juicy and loaded with flavor, with generous marbling throughout.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
COTE Galbi illustration
Tenderloin cut



AKA: Filet Mignon

Info: A classically elegant piece of beef. Lean, plush, and succulent, with subtle flavor.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Tenderloin illustration
Sirloin cut



AKA: NY Strip

Info: This premium, lean, bone-in steak is a steakhouse classic, known for its marbling, fine texture and buttery flavor.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Sirloin illustration
Flatiron cut



AKA: Top Blade Steak

Info: “When in Flatiron...” A local favorite! Well-marbled, richly flavored and juicy as all get-out.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Flatiron illustration
Hanger Steak cut

Hanger Steak


AKA: Butcher’s Steak, FlavorTown USA

Info: So good, butchers used to keep it for themselves! This robustly flavorful cut is lean, succulent, and packed with flavor.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Hanger Steak illustration
COTE Steak cut

COTE Steak


AKA: The Secret Steak

Info: This beautifully marbled cut is elegant, flavorful, and meltingly tender.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
COTE Steak illustration
Skirt Steak cut

Skirt Steak


AKA: Philadelphia Steak

Info: This uniquely thin cut boasts intensely beefy flavor and a juicy, toothy texture.
Best Cooked: Medium Rare
Skirt Steak illustration
Creating the perfect bite - it's all about the grillsCreating the perfect experience - COTE salt blendCreating the perfect bite - dry-aging room


Meet Our Meat

Grills, Grills, Grills

Each table at COTE features a bespoke gold-rimmed Shinpo grill, whose ceramic charcoal assures that your steaks can be char-grilled to perfection without producing a smokey mess. Operated by your server or by your friends—it’s your choice!

Meet Our Meat

Worth Our Salt

Our special COTE salt blend is carefully composed by mixing British Maldon salt, Himalayan pink salt, and Korean thousand-day sea salt. Sprinkle some on your steak and get ready for a flavor explosion!

Meet Our Meat

Dry-Aged Gracefully

Our in-house dry aging room provides plenty of space for moisture to evaporate, intensifying the meat’s flavor, while natural enzymes slowly break down muscle tissue, making it more tender. After beef ages for 28 days things start to get interesting, as it develops a funky, nutty, even bleu-cheesy flavor profile.

Raise a Glass (or Two)

Our wine & cocktails are carefully curated and crafted by the best. Featuring an impeccable 1200+ label wine list and a suite of classic-but-creative cocktails.

Proper Martini

Gin - Tanqueray, Noilly Prat
Vodka - Chopin, Noilly Prat


Ten To One White, Appleton Estate, Hibiscus, Ginger, Lime


Suntory Toki, Rinquinquin, Verjus, Club Soda

COTE Fashioned

Maker’s Mark, Oleo Saccharum, Bitters

The Team Behind It All

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COTE NYC Flatiron is open for dinner service 7 days a week. We offer reservations from 5:00-11:00 PM from Sunday to Wednesday, and 5:00-1:00 AM Thursday to Saturday.

We are a reservations based restaurant and highly recommend booking ahead. We are only able to accommodate walk-ins if there is a last minute cancellation.

We accept standard reservations for party sizes of 2-6. You can book a table on Resy, or call (212) 401-7986 to speak to a reservationist from 11:00-10:00 PM daily. If the phone lines are busy, you can also email requests to

In order to book parties of 7 or more, please contact our events department by filling out a request form here.Please note that we seat completed parties only, and late arrivals may require an abbreviated dining experience in order to accommodate the reservation after them!

Call us at (212) 401-7986 or email to cancel or request a change to your reservation. We ask that all cancellations be made with at least 24 hours notice. We charge a $50 per person late cancellation and no-show fee in the event that a reservation is canceled within 24 hours to the reservation date, or no-showed.

I wanted to make sure all of my core memories and feelings — from eating Korean barbecue with my dad in Seoul as a kid to discovering the American steakhouse once I moved to the U.S. — were represented at COTE.

We are not trying to be the most authentic Korean barbecue restaurant. That can only be found in Korea. We are paving our own path.

– Simon Kim

Interested in joining our New York team? Find open positions.

The Legend of the Seven Jades™

Celebrate life with the finest ingredients from the land and the sea presented in a convivial setting.
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